Why visit Frankfort Boat Club Marina?


We have available slips to park your boat for the night. each slip is $25 per night

Captial Hotel Plaza

When you come visit us in Frankfort and you're not in a houseboat, then you can stay at the Capital Hotel Plaza. Give them a call and say you are visiting the Frankfort Boat Club and receive 10% off your stay


In addition to overnight stays at our dock, we also offer slips with electricity. enjoy the amenities of your boat while you stay with us. Each slip with electricity is only $30 per night


Frankfort Boat Club has a Cafe. If you are in the mood for some comfort food and some drinks, come visit the Frankfort Boat Club Cafe and click here for our menu


We offer gas to all who need it, but we also offer something special to all those who come visit us in Frankfort. If you are a non-Frankfort resident, you can receive a 5% discount on your gas purchases


Occasionaly here at the Frankfort Boat Club we offer live music at our head boat near the cafe. Come down some weekend night and see. Call ahead to verify before you come at



There are several options for travel when you visit Frankfort. If you are staying at the Capital Plaza Hotel, they will offer transportation to their hotel. If you want to visit Downtown Frankfort, then you can get FREE rides on the Trolley. Click here for information


Frankfort Boat Club has 24/7 surveillance to keep everyone and their property safe


All out of town visitors get a disount on ice, there is ice at the head boat and at the member's community area

Buffalo Trace

If you love bourbon, then you're in the right place. For groups of 10 or more people, Buffalo Trace will pick you up for tours of their distillery. Click here for more information

Bathing Suit Shower

If you need a quick rinse from coming off the river, feel free to use our outdoor bathing suit shower

Frankfort Boat Club

Frankfort's Marina since 1865

Visiting the Frankfort Boat Club? 

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The Frankfort Boat Club


Located on the Kentucky River in Downtown Frankfort behind the Old Federal Building and Paul Sawyer Library, the 150-year-old Boat Club is owned and operated by its members and is home to Kentucky State University's Science Boat, The Kentucky River Thoroughbred. The Frankfort Boat Club marina is open to the public and also allows over night docking. It also has food, gas, swimmers shower, electricity and certain weekends it has live music.


The Frankfort Boat Club was founded by J. Stoddard Johnston during the mid 1860's to serve the large recreation craft owned by wealth boaters from Louisville and Cincinnati that made annual pilgrimages up the Kentucky River to Boonesborough.



Ready to swim in the Kentucky River
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The Frankfort Boat Club was incorporated on May 27, 1935, for the purpose of developing river sports and activities on the river, creating enthusiasm for, and interest in, swimming, fishing and other river sports.


Throughout the long history of the Frankfort Boat Club, there has been an impressive membership of lawyers, doctors and, while serving as Governor of Kentucky, Martha Layne Collins.


Today, the members of the Frankfort Boat Club are local river boaters with the same ongoing enthusiasm as the earliest river users, enjoying every free moment to take in the beauty of the Kentucky River that winds its way through the Heart of Kentucky.

The Frankfort Boat Club Special Events

The Frankfort Boat Dock hosts and participates in special events through out the year. These events are designed to have great fun or to support other organizations. The Frankfort Marina participates in events like the Frankfort River Bash and the Kentucky River Run to name a few.