The Kentucky River has been a wonderful past time and still is today. in Frankfort, we are upping our game of things to do on the River. Frankfort has a River Walk that people can walk, bike, and run along the banks of the Kentucky River. There is the Ward Oates Amphitheater in downtown Frankfort and is right on the River just past Liberty Hall.


The Kentucky River offers a beautiful landscape, as well as, lots of recreation and fun for the whole family. The City and the State of Kentucky want people from all over Kentucky and out-state people to enjoy the river and come to Frankfort.


Lock 1 ( Carrollton), Lock 2 (Lockport), Lock 3 (Monterey) and Lock 4 (Frankfort) will be operated from May 27th until here for the following schedule October 30th. Click

The Kentucky river

What The Kentucky River Has To Offer


The Kentucky River is a place for beauty, relaxation, recreation, and nature. The Kentucky River is rich in diversity of wildlife not only in the water but the surrounding areas. The Kentucky river is a great place to relax and enjoy your surroundings, the sounds and sights are wondrous. Take a kayak in the morning and paddle through the morning mist or watch a sunrise. Take photos of the autumn leaves of bright reds, yellows, and oranges. Take your family on a boat ride and see how many different birds you can see. Come and enjoy the Kentucky River.

What The Kentucky River Has To Offer


The Kentucky River offers plenty to do. Get you boat, floats, and totes and head to the Kentucky River. Go to Mullholand Beach and swim with friends, play corn hole, or listen to live music. go skiing or tubing with your best friend. If you like fishing, you can do that to, and you don't even need a boat if you don't have one.  The kentucky River offers lots of fun and things to do in the summer. Bring your friends and come swimming or have some fun on a rope swing.

What The Kentucky River Has To Offer


Nothing is better than allowing yourself the time to be with family and friends. In the end that's what it's all about. The Kentucky River provides the recreation for friends and families to gather, play, and socialize. Forget the hustle and bustle, forget your cell phones and tablets, build lasting relationships and do it on the Kentucky River.