• Boat entries must complete the parade route and obey parade rules to be eligible for prizes. Each boat can only win one prize.

  • Registrations received by Thursday, June 25 will be entered in a drawing to win 10 gallons of gas from the Frankfort Boat Club.

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You will be assigned a parade number that corresponds with the order in which your entry is received.

By officially entering the Frankfort River Blast Flotilla, I hereby fully understand and agree that my participation is voluntary and at my own risk.  I hereby agree to hold harmless the Frankfort River Blast Flotilla presented by the Frankfort Boat Club for any personal injury or property damage which I may cause in any way, or which may be occasioned to me, those on my vessel or my vessel. Please read below for more information.


  • Vessel must be pre-registered and carry a Flotilla Vessel ID Number on the Starboard side forward.

  • A mandatory check-in will be held at the Frankfort Boat Club on the day of the event from 12:00 to 1:00.All vessels must sign-in. Additional directions will be given at that time.

  • Staging area for parade participants is above the Capital Avenue Bridge.

  • Parade line-up will begin no later than 2:00 p.m.Participants should be prepared to cast off at 2:15 p.m.

  • Travel at a continuous “no wake” speed.Stay within 100 feet of the boat in front of you.

  • No spins or turns anywhere on parade route. Please keep a steady speed.Route takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • Parade route will proceed downstream from the Capital Avenue Bridge until passing the judging stand at River View Park and then take a westward turn heading back upstream under the railroad bridge.

  • The judges’ reviewing stand will be located at River View Park. Captains should bring their vessels within 100 feet of the reviewing stand

  • Parade is not complete until all vessels have cleared both West Frankfort Connector Bridges heading back upstream.

  • Please use common sense, be respectful of other parade participants, and be respectful of other boaters.Be safe, have fun and enjoy the parade. Thanks for making it happen.

Contact Information:

Tom Mathews   (502) 352-0525

Stan Salchli        (502) 320-1002

Karen Mixson    (502) 330-0169


26’ and above

           1st Place

            2nd Place

            3rd Place

Under 26’

           1st Place

            2nd Place

            3rd Place